Happy New Year!

Hello everyone,

As I write this, we are only a few hours away from the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015.  There have been times when this year dragged on, and now, looking back, it feels as though it flew by.  Kemett has done so well this year and come leaps and bounds from where he was a year ago.  This year, I never thought Kemett would roll, sit up, crawl, stand or cruise, and he has accomplished all of these!  I wasn’t sure he would get off of his ng-tube and eat real meals in his high chair at 12 months, but he did it and faster than we expected.  The little baby who wouldn’t babble said pumpkin in October!  The baby that would not cry, and if he did it wasn’t for long, can now cry with the best of them when he wants!  He has truly turned into an amazing toddler right before our eyes.

Kemett is 4 Months!

Kemett at 4 Months!

Kemett is 16 Months

Kemett is 16 Months

None of this was easy for him.  Kemett works harder than anyone I know, everyday.  He has SIX therapies a week- occupational, speech and physical.  And due to his low muscle tone, it takes him longer to complete a task because he has to think about each muscle he is going to use- but give him time to think it out and he can do it.  When he is around his peers, I can tell he wants to walk and run with them, and he does his best to keep up.

Kemett is so social and friendly.  He wants to say hi to every person we pass and may even try to give them a hug.  It makes hard days easier when you see his sweet smile followed by the best hug ever!

He is curious and interested in what is around him.  He is constantly analyzing and exploring.  He loves books and being read to each day.

Kemett keeps us busy with 13 doctors in three cities.  But these doctors have discovered things about Kemett this year that have made his health improve greatly- allergies and asthma at the top of that list.  His doctors are amazing, and I’m not sure what we’d do if they didn’t seem to care about Kemett as much as we do.

And because of all of these doctors and PWS, we traveled to Florida twice and to New York.  We love to travel and this helped us have family time this year that was much needed.

And as in true Demand style, he is finally dancing!  To just about anything, except his dad’s heavier rock.  Although, sometimes it looks like he is head banging, so we better watch out.  I think he will be a ballet dancer.  Although his muscle tone may be low, he is quite flexible and I’ve already seen him doing some arabesque’s.

Happy Holiday's!

Happy Holiday’s!

Hopes and Dreams for 2015

That Kemett will walk and begin to talk more.  I want him to continue to be his happy social self.   I know his life won’t get easier, but we are doing everything we can to make sure he has the best life possible and it’s as typical as we can make it.

I am going to Meal Plan, finally!  I will share throughout the year how things are going with that.  I also want to go outside more and take more walks with Kemett.  We spent way to much time indoors this year due to therapies and illness.  I think he and I are both ready to explore more.

Please continue along on this journey with us into 2015.  This blog will continue to be a place that will explain what is going on with Kemett.



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