PWS Awareness Month- Day 30

Hey Everyone,

Just a reminder about our One SMALL Step Virtual Challenge.

  • I have decided to do 15 minutes of meditation a day.  So far it has been so rewarding and I cannot wait to keep you all updated on my progress!
  • Andrew has decided to swim 15 miles the week leading up to October 15th.
  • Kemett is walking daily- and doing great (as long as it’s not raining!).

We take One SMALL Step because it is something we can do for Kemett and all individuals with Prader-Willi Syndrome.  Andrew and I are not the type of people to sit still and keep quiet, especially for our own child.  By taking One SMALL Step- we are raising awareness, educating our community, and raising money for ground breaking research!  It allows us to make a difference in Kemett’s life.  We hope you will take One SMALL Step with us!  Why do you do it?


One Small Step Dripping Springs Virtual Walk

October 15, 2016

Wherever  you are!

We would love for people to get active in support of Prader-Willi Syndrome, as well as active on social media!  First, we will talk about the challenge, and then about what we’d like for you to do!

The Challenge!

We are asking people to do an activity by October 15th that will involve the number 15 for the 15th Chromosome: #15forthe15th

Here are some examples:

  • Walk/Run 15 miles
  • Walk/Run 15 minutes a day
  • Take 15,000 steps a day/week
  • Swim 15 miles
  • Do 15 sit ups/push ups a day
  • 15 days in October to Raise Awareness about PWS
  • For 15 days give up sugar, your favorite food, or exercise daily
  • Raise Money!  Ask your friends to make donations- “I’ll do 15 push-ups for every $50 I raise for FPWR!”
  • Get together with your friends/family in your city
  • Find something that interests you and set a goal. Get creative! We want to hear your ideas!

Then What?

  • Announce your challenge on social media!
  • Use the hashtags: #15forthe15th, #OneSmallStep, #InItForKemett, #FPWR
  • Take pictures and post your progress on social media!
  • Join our event page on our One Small Step Walk Dripping Springs Facebook Page to encourage others and hear about challenges!

You can start now or wait until October!  No matter what you decide, we want everyone to be excited about raising awareness about PWS and One SMALL Step!

Thank you again for all of your support and love!  Thank you to everyone who has already donated!!



The Demands


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