PWS Awareness Month-Day 22

Hi Everyone,

We had a question before May began that I thought I’d answer today:

Question: I would like to know if Kemett is becoming more aware that he is extraordinary as he gets older (I would never say different, because he’s not, he’s extraordinary!)? And especially with a cousin close to his age does he notice his way of doing things and everyday life is not like his cousin/friends?

Answer: Kemett does not realize that he is different than his peers.  I’m not sure he realizes they can run faster, climb better, or eat differently than he does.  He is such a happy and loving boy, who is always excited to see his friends at school and his cousins.  Kemett and his cousin have different interests but that doesn’t seem to bother either of them, as you saw yesterday.  They still love each other and always talk about each other.

And I would say for the most part, Kemett is like a typical kid in how he plays, talks, acts.  He just has added things like therapies and doctors in his life.

I have put links to two articles below on how to talk to your kids about kids with disabilities.  Just remember that just because someone is different doesn’t mean you should be scared of them or to explain.  One of Kemett’s favorite Daniel Tiger episodes is the one my sister talked about yesterday- “In Some Ways We are Different, but in So Many Ways, We are the Same!”.

Huff Post Article

Scary Mommy Article

Later this week we will have a post about Kemett and all of his interests!

Keep the questions coming!  Thanks!


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