PWS Awareness Month- Day 14

Hey Everyone,

Today we will be discussing Speech Therapy!  Last May, Kemett was barely speaking and mainly signing for everything he wanted.  We were trying all kinds of things in therapy to get him to mimic us and to just talk.  It really wasn’t until he started school and hippotherapy that his language took off!  Like I said in one of last posts, he only had a handful of words in August and we were concerned.  Dr. Miller told us if he didn’t start talking in a few months then we needed to up his therapy.  Within a month of school starting his vocabulary was building.  He went from almost no words to over 100 last fall.  Since then, he has started to say 5-7 word sentences and is saying complicated words.

I will say that it is hard to understand him.  I know what he’s saying but I’m with him the most.  Most of his therapists can figure out what’s going on, but most people don’t understand him.  So we are working on pronunciation and articulation in speech therapy.  He often loses consonants as the sentence goes on.

His tone in his mouth is still low, as well, as determined from his last sleep study.  He still has mild sleep obstructive sleep apnea.  So we work on exercises that will help strengthen his tone.

Activities Kemett does in Speech Therapy:

  • Tongue Clicking
  • Blowing Kisses
  • Blowing air 
  • Drills: Saying P-T-K to work on tongue movement in his mouth.
  • Picture drills: EX: Big Dog, then Big Bird, so working on D’s, B’s, G’s, K’s, P’s, M’s etc.
  • Flash cards: Identifying tasks and objects.  So sleeping, drawing, etc.  Boy, cat, etc.
  • Counting
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Alphabet: He can’t sing the ABC’s song yet, but if I sing and randomly stop, he says the correct letter, so I know we are getting closer!
  • Objects in Space: So identifying if the object is on top, under, behind, in front, etc.
  • Asking Questions: Not there just yet but getting close!

I see typical kids who can easily do many of these things, and I know Kemett is getting closer!  He works so hard to do all of these tasks.  And a lot of these things we were working on for so long, it is just so nice to see him able to even attempt to do tongue clicking!

He has become so talkative!  I love hearing what he has to say.  Plus Kemett loves to read and I think that has helped with his language.  Just recently, he started opening books and describing the story in them.  He could do that all day long!

Thanks for following our journey!  Remember questions are welcome!


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