PWS Awareness Month- Day 10

Hey Everyone,

Today we are going to talk a little about Kemett being a big brother and having a sibling.  As much as we can without actually being there yet.

Kemett is so excited about being a big brother.  He talks about it a lot and what he will do with the baby.  It is very sweet.  We know that our life is more complicated than most and that it is focused a lot around Kemett.  I also know this can be hard for siblings, especially as they get older.

First I’m going to talk about Diet:

Not only is Kemett on a specialized diet for PWS and for allergies, but our whole family has adopted a healthier eating lifestyle because of it.  I do not see this changing as this child gets older.  We plan on feeding them the same way we feed Kemett or ourselves (as long as they don’t also have food allergies).  I have talked to other families who have a second child after their child with PWS, and this has worked well for them.  Their child eats healthier, more well balanced diet.  This is easier for families whose first child has PWS.  I know it’s often difficult to change lifestyles of older kids.  We also know that this child will probably need more carbs than Kemett gets to eat, but they will be served in the form of whole grains and whole fruits/vegetables.  Luckily too, that in this day and age, and in Austin, it is easier to find families who have no food issues, eating the same way we do.

It is already hard with Kemett going anywhere.  The ER offered us juice and Popsicle every time we were there recently, and I politely said no.  Food is everywhere in our culture, but we want to raise our kids on knowing what is good for their bodies.

Focus on Kemett:

Of course our lives have been focused on Kemett, whose isn’t with an only child, really?  And I’m so happy we have had 3 years to figure this thing out as much as we could and adapt our lives.  I would say for the most part, our lives are still pretty flexible and the only thing that has really changed is diet.  Other than that it is therapy and doctors, lots of it.  And that can be hard for anyone especially a sibling to be toted around from appointment to appointment.  Kemett will be in school three days next year (post on this tomorrow), and so there should be time to do other activities and playdates with this child.  It will be a balancing act, and we won’t know what it will look like until we are in it.

Thank you for your support and please let us know if you have any questions!


The Demands

Kemett on the Move!

Kemett on the Move!


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