PWS Awareness Month- Day 3

Hey Everyone,

Today we are going to continue our updates on Kemett’s doctors.  Today we will talk about Pulmonology, ENT and Cranial Facial Plastic Surgery.   (To catch up from last year, here is the link from our blog last year

Pulmonology: We still see Dr. Kang every 4 months for Kemett’s apnea and asthma.  We absolutely love he and his team.  Kemett has his 4th sleep study in March and it came back with mild sleep apnea.  There was not much change from last year’s sleep study.  At least it did not get worse but wish it would continue to get better.  Kemett is still on the same meds for his asthma as before and we are keeping them under control.  We actually had a good winter with no sickness, just some allergies.

ENT:  We see Dr. Zapata every 6 months to check on his tonsils and adenoids.  We saw her two weeks after our sleep study, and his tonsils and adenoids are still small.  So that is good news.  We just keep monitoring them for now.  At any point they could get big and he would need them removed.  So we listen for snoring at night, look for daytime sleepiness, etc.  If we see signs of this, we get him back to ENT and pulmonology before our appointment times.

Cranial Facial Plastic Surgery: We don’t see Dr. Kelly until May 9th, and will be able to give you all a small update at that point.

This team is so important to us because if we didn’t have Kemett monitored for his breathing, respiratory function and tonsils/ adenoids Kemett could die being on growth hormones at the same time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us anything!  Thank you for your support!


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Strong and Smart

Strong and Smart


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