PWS Awareness Month- Day 29

Hi Everyone,

We are so excited to announce this year’s One Small Step Walk on October 10!  The flyer is below with all of the information!

Last year was our first year to put on a One Small Step Walk and it turned out to be such a success!  We were overwhelmed by the love and support we received.  We raised over $117,000 just at the Dripping Springs walk thanks to our amazing PWS families raising money and donors.  In the end, we had raised the most money in the world, which is why we are hosting this year’s FPWR conference in Austin.

We are focusing this month on education and awareness, not on fundraising.  However, we have had people ask where they can donate to support Kemett.  We will start publicizing more at the end of the summer.  We would also love if you want to fundraise and set up your own page.  Contact me directly if you are interested!  Please let us know if there are other ways you can help: in kind donations, services, attending, etc!

We have set up our One Small Step fundraising page if anyone is interested in donating now.

We are so excited to get all of our friends and family together in support of Kemett and research!

Stay tuned this weekend for our last two blog posts!  Tomorrow we will talk about how you can help and support us!


The Demands


One Small Step Flyer 2015 Final 1

Andrew, Kemett and I!

Andrew, Kemett and I!

Group shot!  Thank you everyone!

Group shot! Thank you everyone!

The Frederick's!

The Frederick’s!

Demand Family

Demand Family



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