PWS Awareness Month- Day 22

Hi Everyone,

Today we are going to talk about how Kemett is awesome!  I’m sure you all know this already but I wanted to put a face on all of this.  Kemett is a kid with Prader-Willi Syndrome but it doesn’t define who he is inside.

If you’ve met Kemett you will know that he is a sweet, loving and social toddler.  He loves going out because he can tell everyone hi!  He will say hi or make noises until you pay attention to him.  He also loves hugs with his family.

  • Books– Kemett could read books all day long.  He will grab a few books off the shelf and come sit in my lap for me to read to him.  I’ve had to hide books before that he wants me to read 20+ times in a row!
  • Music– This one makes me happy.  He is always asking for music- whether it is a record, radio or one of us singing to him.  As many of you know, Andrew and I are huge music fans, so we try to play music we love for Kemett.
  • Hats– Kemett always asks for a hat to wear, which makes my heart smile because I love hats too!
  • Outdoors– He loves to play on the patio in the back at his water table, go for walks and play at the playground.
  • Cousins and friends– Kemett loves his friends and his coustins.  You can tell because his face lights up when he sees just a picture of them.
  • Dolls/Stuffed Animals– He adores his stuffed animals and carries them around.  He hugs them, kisses them and talks to them.
  • Daniel Tiger– We won’t watch TV often when Kemett’s awake.  I’d say once a week we watch either half and episode or a whole episode.  Kemett shreaks when he hears the song come on and sees Daniel Tiger.  It really is so cute.
  • Dogs– Kemett gets so excited when he sees our dogs Kona and Ginger.  He is allergic so we unfortunately he cannot spend time with them.


I also wanted to talk about Kemett’s toys today.  After we got the diagnosis, we decided that we did not want any food related books or toys in our house.  Not until we know how Kemett will react to food.  We know of some kids that watch food network because it eases their anxiety.

We make sure that none of the therapists use food or bring food related activities for Kemett.  This is so hard because our lives revolve around food.

We review all books before he reads them or they come into our house.  We aren’t going to buy the Hungry Hungry Caterpillar.  It is hard to find books that don’t have food in them.  But we have and that’s what we focus on for now.

I even skip Daniel Tiger episodes or kid songs that talk about food.

As some of you have seen, Kemett has a play kitchen now.  This was a hard decision that Andrew and I talked about for a long time before we finally got one.  We talked with other parents of kids with PWS.  They told us that they had kitchens because they would rather their child learn at home about it than from preschool.  They also said all classrooms have one and it would help with socialization.  So we got one.  I filled it with plastic bowls, plates, pitchers, etc.  No food at the moment.  And Kemett loves it.  He plays at the sink and stove, stirs things, pours things and plays with his dolls there.  He is pretend playing and I love it.  I even made curtains and bunting to go behind the kitchen.  🙂

We just ask that if anyone is thinking of ever giving Kemett anything, just be thoughtful and make sure it’s not food related.

Thank you for the love and support!


The Demands

Kemett in his tent with stuffed animals.

Kemett in his tent with stuffed animals.

Listening to music.  Gift from a special friend!

Listening to music. Gift from a special friend!

Kemett and Ginger

Kemett and Ginger

Water table!

Water table!

At the playground.

At the playground.

Kemett washing dishes.

Kemett washing dishes.

My new Kitchen!

My new Kitchen!


4 thoughts on “PWS Awareness Month- Day 22

  1. Kemett is so much fun to be around! His need for hugs is wonderful. Thank you for sharing. Kemett and I have a lot in common, especially the hats, I’m glad we are friends.

  2. This is fabulous. I love getting to read a post that tells me more about who Kemett is than his challenges. It brightened my heart and did something that I think matters so much – helping us understand that Kemett is a whole person with a unique personality and deep capacity for joy. ❤

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