Kemett gets a Helmet!

In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, I’d like to share some pictures of Kemett’s new helmet.

These are before and after decorating!

Go Peyton Manning and of course Who Dat!?!





4 thoughts on “Kemett gets a Helmet!

  1. Love it! Our grandson had one that our son & dtr-in-law decorated with LSU. Recently I shared on FB, a posting on how some other helmets were decorated (ask your Mom about this). Evidently they’re becoming quite popular, although I hadn’t heard of them until our grandson got his. Am enjoying keeping up Kemett. Wanted to respond when I read about his dx–just hadn’t gotten a chance. Several years ago we learned of Prader Willie when a couple in a bible study with us had a little girl with it–she has done well. And since moving here, we learned of another child with the same. Sounds like you all are doing everything you can—will continue to pray for you all!

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